hello my darling

hello and welcome back

welcome back

it's time for Tea

it's time for Tea

and you may have noticed that I have a new toy to play with

so today I'm going to be making some lovely, lovely...

little tingle, tingle...

tingle sounds

just for you, just for you

with my new microphone protective covers maker, with my new microphone

and I'm just getting used to how it works so forgive me if anything's a bit off

but hopefully, hopefully, hopefully

this will be a fun little test

and we'll get some lovely, lovely, lovely little trigger sounds

little trigger sounds out of this

so I have a few things to play with

a few things to play with

and shall we start with a nice one

a little fluffy brush

little fluffy brush


it's all soft and lovely

okay, are you ready for some tickles?

tickle, tickle...

there there, it's okay, okay

how was that?

the other side

tickle, tickle...

a little bit much...was that a bit much?

okay, okay, there we go, there we go

now, you can see that I'm holding this up to my face rather awkwardly

and that's because...can you see?

the tripod mount thing is underneath so...

ooh, you just spun around

was that confusing? I hope not

but I think I'm going to have to get something to hold it up

and...yeah I'm not sure how that gonna work, but...

if you're an ASMR creator or if you've used one of these before then please let me know

how on Earth do you get it to stand up properly

so you can make some nice triggers with it

because at the moment I don't want to just stand it up in case it falls over

but equally it kind of looks a bit awkward to have it like this, on its back as it were

I mean, maybe I'm doing this all wrong, who knows?

moving swiftly on...and I'm gonna turn you back around, I'm gonna turn you back around, okay

how was that?

yeah we've got another little brush

got another nice soft brush


I love those kind of triggers right up in your face, yeah

how's that? is that okay?

good, good...

okay, so let's have a little brush

just gently, just gently...

okay, how's that?

okay, and the other one

just gently, just gently...

some little brushes, little brushes

okay, okay...

boop, boop...

too fast?

[speed noises LOL]

can you tell I'm in a strange mood?

got all sorts of things down here

I like this one a lot, it makes a fun little sound that's really different

I quite like that one going fast

I like how soft but also how intense it is

we can slow it down, we can slow it down

I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try...

I'm gonna try and give you a little bit of a brush

right up in your ears

and if it's too strong, if it's too much to handle

then I'm gonna cut the next bit out of the video

we'll see, we'll see how it goes, okay

right, it's coming in, it's coming in

I hope that's okay, I hope that's okay

shall we do the other side, just to balance

there...does it sound deep, deep, deep inside your ears?

it sounds good in real life, so I hope it's tingly for you

I hope it's nice and tingly

fair warning...

I'm gonna do a few mouth sounds, just some nibbles

so if you don't like that, look away

look away with your ears, I guess


[nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...]

and we are done with that

okay, another little thing to play with

I love all the real sort of nature water sounds

maybe it's being British, but nothing sends me to sleep better than good old rain sounds

they're so comforting and I think there's something really relaxing about water

the way it looks

the way it moves

the way that light reflects off of it

and the sound

I don't know how sensitive this mic is, and there are planes

swooping by overhead

going nice places I'm sure

but if you can hear them and it bothers you, I'm sorry

that's just how it is

just consider it some bonus white noise

let's get this water sound right up in your ears

in case that helps to drown things out

I'm gonna spray this vaguely into the distance because I don't wanna hurt my new toy or get any on you

so here goes

and the other side...I'm gonna point this over here

see if we can get some visual...oh yeah

there, I think that's enough of that for now, don't you?

just a couple more triggers now, just a couple more

and then I'll see how this sounds

if it sounds good, then you'll know because you'll be watching this already...

I guess

now I'm not going to put a comb right in your ears

that might be a little bit too mean...a little bit too much, too much...

too much to handle

but I do love these sounds

I remember when I was little I always used to love playing with the comb and making these silly sounds

I guess maybe that was some early ASMR experience

I don't know if you can see on the back of the microphone, but

I've had it out of the box for a couple of hours and it's already got cat hair on it

how does this happen, how does this happen?

we need to get the brush back on the job, that's what we need to do

we can brush it away

oh it's stuck

there, all nice and clean for you now

there, much better, much better

and one for you

okay, last thing, now

if you caught a recent video I did with Northern Rob ASMR

you will have seen some funny little things in my part

and these are individual finger gloves

aren't they just the weirdest, weirdest...little things that you've ever seen?

God, look how wrinkly it makes my hand look...eww...

okay, so

let's get some glove sounds right up close, right up close

and over here

I'm gonna try and touch on the little mic there, I hope it's not too strong, we'll have to see

I'm trying to be gentle with you and on the other side

okay, okay

there we go, I think that's enough of that

I think we've had quite enough of that

these are so strange, so strange

the things we do for our art...

all right my darlings, well, I hope you don't mind me having a little bit of fun with you

and playing around with some of my new kit

I did a tiny, tiny...little test earlier

and I really liked the quality of sound through this

it seemed to be pretty good and I really liked how easy it is

how easy, how easy it is

to go from side to side

from side to side

like I said, I do need to figure out some way of holding this up

and keeping it sturdy without having to clutch it in my hand

and probably swap from hand to hand and spin it around...

not the most practical thing, but...

I hope that this has been nice and relaxing for you

and maybe, maybe...if we're lucky, if we're lucky

we will have had some lovely, lovely...little tingles

some lovely little tingles just for you, just for you

okay, all right then, are you ready to call it a night?

me too, okay, okay

all right, well you take care my darling

and I will see you again very, very soon, okay

good night for now

good night for now

good night

good night

good night

good night

good night

good night

good night

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