Why Can Jotaro Only Stop Time For 5 Seconds?

“If you are wondering why Jotaro has 5 seconds and not 2, it is because he got mad when Joseph got his blood. The time stop depends on the user’s ability to keep going. He has a lot of vampire blood.”

How long will jotaro stop in Part 6?

5 seconds.

Why is jotaro weaker in Part 6?

Jotaro had no juice left. Being a person who had lost MC juice made Jotaro prone to death.

Is jotaro weaker in Part 6?

I think he lost half of his MC juice. This was enough to weaken him, but not kill him. Jotaro had no juice left. Being a person who had lost MC juice made Jotaro prone to death.

Which jotaro is the strongest?

One can argue that Jotaro is the least interesting of the main characters, but Star Platinum is one of the most powerful stands around.

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Why is jotaro censored?

“This is smoking under the age of 18. In the most recent Japanese broadcast of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Jotaro Kujo is covered in black to prevent him from smoking. Jotaro is breaking the law.”

Is jotaro the strongest Jojo?

Why is jotaro smoking censored?

“There were a lot of cigarettes in Oingo Boingo. The age of the smoker is what determines it. Jotaro is 17 years old and gets censored. Polnareff and Oingo are older so they don’t get reprimanded.”

Why anime is censored?

Public channels give out simulcasts which are paid channels. They want you to buy the discs so they censor. Japan tends to censor violence and blood, like the US does, in the same way.

Why did jotaro stop using time stop?

Jotaro was able to stop time because they were the same type of stand. Close range, low durability, and so on. Jotaro shows his new skills at the end of the show. The more pressure Jotaro is under, the more he has to think.

Is jotaro stronger in Part 6?

“Jotaro realized that punching someone hard doesn’t always work. Jotaro Kujo is one of the strongest characters in the series, but there is always someone else who is stronger. His stand is called Star Platinum.”

Is Pucci stronger than jotaro?

However, Jotaro is more powerful than Pucci on a physical level, giving him an advantage when both stands have no time powers. … Pucci’s stand, Made in Heaven, has the ability to speed up time fast enough to surpass Time Stop, meaning Pucci can’t be affected by Jotaro even when he stopped time.

Why is jotaro different in Part 4?

In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, why did they change Jotaro Kujo in part 4?

“He looks worse in part 4 than he did in part 3. It wouldn’t make sense for him to wear a school uniform as a grown up.”

Why did jotaro not learn Hamon?

“They don’t have time to properly train and practice undead enemies, and they might prefer to use the time that they have to chill out and learn to Stand fight better, or to be ready for the next fight. Hamon is not a thing anymore.”

What is the most powerful stand in Jojo?

The world is over Heaven.

How much time can jotaro stop time?

5 seconds.

Did jotaro Die Part 6?

Jotaro died in Stone Ocean. Jotaro and the crew were in a dilemma with Pucci because of his Time Acceleration.

Does stopping time hurt jotaro?

Does time stop hurt jotaro?

Time Stop still allows Jotaro to function, but it stops his bodily fluids from moving. He can function, but he needs to be careful because doing so for too long can hurt or kill him.

Why does jotaro say the world when stopping time?

Why does jotaro say the world when stopping time?

Is Jotaro Kujo the strongest JoJo?

Jotaro Kujo is the only character in the Bizarre Adventure that can beat Heaven Ascension DIO and eventually become the strongest character in the series.

How did jotaro lose his stand?

Jotaro used time stop before both fights, which is his biggest weakness. Losing his stand is devastating for the world and it was true with the reset.

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